Hello world!

Hi everyone, this is just a short note to let you know what my blog is all about.


I love to cook and love to cook with my family.  Nothing beats  enjoying a good meal round the table with friends and family so I hope that this will give you ideas of great recipes, good wine, inspirational cook books and handy kitchen gadgets.

Over the coming weeks i will be posting some of these details and hope they inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook.


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    Sandie said,

    Hi Sinclair….i hope you don’t mind me contacting you.
    I’d been led, through a google search for methods of cooking poached eggs, to a reply that you’d posted in a discussion on the UKFBA website re problems with poached eggs ? You talked of an old lady that you’d met, and stated the method that she had passed on to you, which sounds worth a try, by the way. But you also mentioned that she had told you how to make a ‘great gravy’? After reading this, I’ve looked at all your blogs, with fantastic looking recipes by the way, that I intend to try out…..but haven’t come across this ‘great gravy’ recipe!! I felt like I was on a mission to find it, but it’s nowhere!! If you don’t mind Sinclair, could you please let me know by email how to make this great gravy?
    Many many thanks…

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      sincy231171 said,

      Sorry, i have not posted the recipe for the gravey as yet.

      It was basically for roast beef and chicken, and you put onion, cellary, and carrots on the bottom of the roasting pan, then place the meat on top while it roasts.

      You then remove the veg, and deglaze the roasting pan with a glass wine (red for beef or white for chicken), and then add a little horseradish for beef or fresh sage for chicken, now add a few teaspoons of corn frour and mix well to make a sort of rue. Add 1 litre of stock and return the veg. mix this well till it starts to thicken.

      Drain the gravey from the veg into a large jug. (you can use the veg liquidised for soups as a base, have them with the meal or just throw them away)

      Now into the jug of gravy add a few tea spoons of gravy granules. this may sound like a waste after all the work you have done, but it works and makes a nice thick tasty gravy.

      I now post all my stuff on http://itcheninthekitchen.blogspot.com/

      I will add this ASAP

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